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Anarchy is a Greek word that literally means "without government", ie the state of a people without a constituted authority.
Before such an organization started to be entertained and desired by a whole class of thinkers, or become the target of a movement, which today is one of the most important factors of the current social conflict, the word "anarchy" was universally used to denote disorder and confusion. Even today, in this sense is adopted by the ignorant and by adversaries interested in distorting the truth.
We will not go into philological discussions, because the issue is not historical and philological. The usual interpretation of the word does not express the true etymological meaning, but derives it. This interpretation is due to the prejudice that the government is a necessity in the organization of social life.
Man, like all living things, adapt to the conditions in which they live and communicate through cultural heritage, their acquired habits. So why be born and live in slavery, being a descendant of slaves, when he began to think, man believed that slavery was an essential condition for life. Freedom seemed impossible. So also the worker was forced for centuries to depend on the goodwill of the employer to work, ie for bread. Accustomed to having his own life available to those possessing land and capital. Came to believe that his master was the one who gave him bread, and naively wondered how I would live if I had not a boss.
Likewise, a man whose members were bound since birth, but still learned to limp, attaches to these bandages his ability to move. In fact, they diminish and paralyze the muscular energy of its members.
If we add the natural effect of habit education given by his employer, the priest, the teacher, who teach that the boss and the government are needed if we add the judge and the police to press those who think otherwise, and try to spread their opinions , understand how prejudice the usefulness and necessity of employer and government are established. I suppose a doctor submits a complete theory, invented a thousand illustrations, to persuade the man with limbs bound, which release their legs can not walk, or even live. The man angrily defend his bandages and consider everyone who tried to take them off enemy


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Freedom, All speak much more freely show their faces and really defend what do think Few have the courage!

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